Industry sectors

The Hetra-GSS GmbH is a supplier of products and services for the sand and gravel industry, stone and earth industry as well as the construction waste and recycling industry. Our products and solutions help our customers to increase their productivity and optimize their processes.

In the Sand and gravel industry we offer our customers tailor-made solutions in intralogistics that enable fast and efficient transport of sand and gravel. Our products are characterized by high load capacity, durability and low-maintenance design. We also support our customers in the planning and design of special machines tailored to their individual requirements.

In the Stone and earth industry we offer our customers robust conveying systems and equipment that enable fast and efficient processing of stones, soils and other materials. Our solutions enable efficient transport and further processing of materials in various industrial sectors.

In the Construction waste and recycling we offer our customers advanced screening and separation equipment as well as special conveyor belts and loading systems. Our products are designed for fast and efficient processing of construction waste, recycled materials and other materials. We also offer our customers customized solutions to ensure that their requirements are met and efficient processing is ensured.

Resources for construction and infrastructure projects

Sand and gravel industry

Hetra-GSS GmbH offers customized solutions for the sand and gravel industry, including efficient conveying technology, screening machines, feed hoppers and loading systems. Our innovative products optimize material flow and increase productivity.

Environmentally friendly recycling of waste from the construction industry

Construction waste and recycling

Our solutions for the construction waste and recycling industry enable efficient processing and recycling of construction materials. They increase sustainability, reduce costs and help protect the environment through the responsible use of resources.

Extraction of mineral raw materials

Stone and earth industry

Our solutions provide effective material processing, increase productivity, and ensure precise sorting and preparation of aggregate materials for optimal resource efficiency.