Location Recklinghausen

Our company site in Recklinghausen is home to both our administration and our production facilities. Strategically located, Recklinghausen offers an ideal environment for our operational activities. With modern facilities for administration and production, we are able to work efficiently and manufacture high-quality products. The town of Recklinghausen itself is characterized by a pleasant quality of life, enabling us to offer not only good working conditions but also an attractive environment for our employees.

Location Emmerich am Rhein

Our company site in Emmerich is home to our drawing office, which specializes in the production of technical drawings and engineering. This central facility is the heart of our technical department and forms the basis for the development and implementation of our innovative projects. The location in Emmerich not only offers strategic proximity to important business partners and suppliers, but also an inspiring environment for creative processes. Our dedicated employees use state-of-the-art technologies and their expertise to develop precise and efficient solutions that meet our customers' requirements.